About the Book

Big Steps, Long Strides is a book of two parts. The opening chapter provides an autobiographical account of one woman’s remarkable story, as she evolves from being unfit and personally unfulfilled, to find the courage to run marathons across New York, Paris … and eventually the Marathon des Sables. The remainder of the book is a culmination of lessons learned and will provide you with comprehensive guidance to running the Marathon des Sables. Described by Sir Ranulph Fiennes as an "invaluable resource", this guide clearly lays out everything you need to know about developing your running stamina so that you too, can run the toughest footrace on earth. You are given free training plans, templates, advice on hydration and nutrition, along with tips and research from veteran ultra-runners. It also provides advice on what to pack and wear for temperatures of 56 °C, along with remedies for likely injuries. Aimed at runners and non-runners alike, this book is based on the premise that with bold steps, anyone can achieve the seemingly impossible.

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