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Dogs, Coffee and wine .. in that order!
1 day 14 hours ago
RT : Remember the "American Carnage" Trump talked about ending in his inauguration spe…
2 days 21 hours ago
RT : I can imagine no other president in my lifetime failing to address the nation in a prime time speech during a crisi…
4 days 7 hours ago
I don’t think she realises that we can hear her talking about her f***ed up coffee order 🤣
5 days 17 hours ago
5 days 17 hours ago
Where can we access the livestream?
5 days 17 hours ago
RT : CURFEW IN EFFECT: Until further notice, a curfew between the hours of 9PM and 6AM is now in effect in the City of C…
6 days 7 hours ago
Beetroot? In the actual sandwich?! That’s so random!!
3 weeks 3 days ago
Garlic, salt, onion and chilli powder
3 weeks 3 days ago
Chicago pizza is terrible!!! Yuk!
3 weeks 4 days ago
3 weeks 5 days ago